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Dr. Bailey Thompson is an assistant professor of advertising and public relations. Her primary research focus is the role social media's portrayal of fraternity/sorority membership plays in the development of college students' identity formation and maintenance, including, but not limited to, stereotype reinforcement. Her research can be found in journals such as “Psychology of Popular Media Culture, Sexualization, Media, & Society”, and “The Oracle: The Research Journal of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors.”

Thompson earned her doctorate in mass communication from Texas Tech University's College of Media and Communication, where she also received her Master of Arts in mass communication with an emphasis in sports media. She received her Bachelor of Arts in communication studies from Southwestern University.

Thompson is currently serving as a virtual scholar with the Piazza Center for Fraternity and Sorority Research and Reform at Penn State University, where she is working on research pertaining to NPC sororities at minority-serving institutions, as well as social media and identity-based research.

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