Personal profile

Personal profile

Candace Hicks earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Austin college, studying drawing, painting and French. She earned her Master of Fine Art degree in printmaking at Texas Christian University.

Hicks collects coincidences from the books she reads, gathers them in her artists' books and uses them in her installations.

With the exhibition "Read Me" at Lawndale Art Center, she opened the book form into a room-sized interactive installation in which viewers pieced together a puzzle of narrative to find the correct solution.

  • "The Locked Room" at Living Arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma focused on a specific genre of literature, the “locked room” mystery, and visitors were tasked with the challenge to find the means of metaphorically escaping the gallery.
  • "Egress" at Pump Project in Austin explored literary connections and coincidences through sculpture and text.
  • For "Many Mini Murder Scenes" at Women and Their Work in Austin, Hicks reproduced tableaux plucked from crime fiction and offered viewers the experience of playing a detective searching for clues.

Her work consists of artists' books, video, performance, printmaking and drawing. Books from her "Common Threads" series are in more than 80 collections around the world, including:

  • Boston Athenaeum 
  • Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
  • Grolier Club
  • Harvard
  • Hungarian Multicultural Center
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Museum of Applied Arts
  • Vienna
  • University of California, Los Angeles Biomedical Library
  • Stanford
  • and Yale.

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