Personal profile

Personal profile

Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey is an associate professor in the school psychology program. She completed her PhD in educational psychology/school psychology at Oklahoma State University. While there, she also completed a specialty in applied behavioral analysis through extended work with children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders. Ellis-Hervey worked on various studies with faculty, peers and research teams and presented much of this work at national conferences. Some of these studies included topics such as various math interventions, peer and sibling victimization, PTSD and autism spectrum disorders.

Within the school system, she served as an integral part of student assistance teams and individualized education program teams. She also worked with students and teachers on various behavioral and academic interventions. Ellis-Hervey’s dissertation study, The Comparison of Sensory Integrative Therapy (Specifically Weighted Vests) and Applied Behavioral Analysis (Specifically a Differential Schedule of Reinforcement) in the Treatment of Children Who Have Autism Spectrum Disorder, proved to be quite beneficial, and she is working to publish the results of the study while furthering her research in the area.

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