Personal profile

Personal profile

Shaun Roberts received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing at SFA and his Master of Fine Arts in painting and drawing at the University of Washington. Upon graduating from the University of Washington, Roberts was awarded the Joan Mitchel Foundation Grant for graduating MFA students, of which only 50 are awarded nationally.

Using allegorical and mythological motifs incorporated with drama and pathos, Roberts explores timeless narratives in his paintings. He is not interested in the whims of the time but looks to cultures and canonized beauties of the past. Like a Renaissance painter or Hellenistic sculptor, he works in a mythological landscape and develops archetypal images. Roberts explores sentimentality and sensuality in his paintings, intending to create a cathartic moment between the viewer and subject, whether it be love, death or an eternal sunset.

Roberts has been in several group and solo exhibitions spanning over 20 states, including:

  • First Street Gallery in New York City
  • Southern Mississippi Museum of Art in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky
  • Art Museum of South-East Texas in Beaumont
  • and Kirk Hopper Fine Art in Dallas

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