Diverse co-teaching: a one-step strategy for assessment, integration, collegiality, transformation, professional and personal growth for the university community

Darrell R. Fry, Odutayo O. Odunuga

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Dr. Fry

Dr. Odunuga

Dr. Fry and Dr. Odunuga are two very different people. Yet the two share a passion for teaching chemistry and a desire to bring out the best in their students. Since 2016 the two have co-taught chemistry lectures and laboratories, and in this presentation they share their experiences and the benefits of diverse co-teaching. Diverse co-teaching naturally provides students, faculty and staff with a transformational experience, and serves as a universal platform for integrating various groups, promoting collegiality and performing assessment.

Summarized below are some items of the transformation that each audience within the university may experience from diverse co-teaching.


  • How to effectively provide transformational experiences for our students.
  • How diverse co-teaching makes you more aware of how students perceive you.
  • How co-teaching makes your life less stressful and more fun.


  • The advantages of listening to, & learning from, people who are different than you.
  • The benefits of having a diverse set of friends/colleagues.
  • How to choose friends who will help you.

The University Community

  • How genuine friendships propel both professional & personal growth.
  • The inherent value gained from a diverse community working towards common goals.
  • Respect for all people is fundamental requirement in our society.
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StatePublished - Feb 12 2021

Publication series

NameDiversity Conference

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