Electronic Cigarettes: Truth or Toxic?

Timothy S. Turner, Alyx S. Frantzen

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With the increasing research on the hazards of cigareDes, people are looking for a safer alterna>ve to smoking. Electronic CigareDes were introduced in the early 2000’s to serve this purpose, and they are gaining increasing popularity. Many e-cigareDe companies claim that the use of e-cigareDes is completely harmless because of combus>on of the organic liquids would cause the inhala>on of only water vapor and carbon dioxide along with the flavors and nico>ne. Companies also adver>se their products to help smokers quit smoking. Recently, “vaping” has grown increasingly popular especially with minors since several states s>ll allow the sale of e-cigareDes to minors. Studies have shown that more teenagers are vaping, and that it may lead to the use of real cigareDes. In more recent news there have been reports of respiratory problems arising from e-cigareDe use, as well as the cigareDes exploding during use causing harm to the user. There are two main concerns that individuals may have concerning e-cigareDes. Most users are concerned about the compounds absorbed by the body, while non users are concerned with the compounds present in the vapors exhaled by users. To address the concerns of e-cigareDe users, the vapors were analyzed using simultaneous thermal analysis infrared spectroscopy (STA-IR) and the results indicate that the vapors released aUer hea>ng are not simply carbon dioxide and water, so the liquids do not undergo combus>on and may not be as harmless as claimed by ecigareDe companies. Further inves>ga>on using gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is being performed to determine the compounds formed as a result of hea>ng the e-liquids. To address the concerns of non users, a device similar to a hookah was created to capture the vapors on clothing material (to simulate second hand smoke) before extrac>ng the compounds captured on the material and analyzing the chemical content in the GC-MS.

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StatePublished - Mar 31 2016

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NameUndergraduate Research Conference

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