Hall Family Collection - Index to Appendix 1, "Letters from the Attic" and Appendix 2, Postcards

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The Hall Family Collection can generally be described in two parts. The first part is Letters from the Attic, which are more than 5,000 documents that Andrena Hall Brunotte transcribed into 16 volumes. Brunotte’s transcription project established an “original order” to this part of the collection that the processing archivist does their best to adhere to. All of these materials were found in one large steamer trunk and organized by Brunotte in chronological order. Boxes 1 to 4 of the collection house the paper transcriptions (3,330 pages). Boxes 5 to 13 contain the documents, which are in chronological order. The transcriptions and original documents make up Series 1 of the collection.

Appendix A of the Hall Family Collection finding is an item-level index of every document transcribed in Letters from the Attic. It has annotations for where there are gaps in the transcription record (sometimes Mrs. Brunotte would only partially transcribe a document or transcribe a single document from several that were enclosed together). Appendix A shows which original documents from Letters from the Attic were not donated and are only available as transcriptions (i.e., the Crow Creek Letters, pages 66-145). The Appendix also cross-references documents that were transcribed as part of Letters from the Attic, but organized into the boxes in the second part of the collection. Oversize documents, which were removed and then separated, flattened and organized in the oversize boxes and bundles, are also cross-referenced.

Appendix B is an index of all the postcards found in the Hall Family Collection. It was compiled with the thought that researchers might be interested in the subject matter on the postcards as well as the correspondence between friends and family members.

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