¡Mucha lucha! Building a Brand

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This case takes advantage of the culinary genius and entrepreneurial spirit of Chef Victor and parleys his creations into the challenge of building a brand image that will create distinctiveness in a highly competitive homogenous market. Mucha Lucha represents the aspects of Mexican culture that includes masks and wrestling–signature moves. The literal translation is “a lot of fight,” referring to the famed Mexican wrestling, lucha libre. For the restaurant in the case, it presents a unique slice of Mexican culture that few, if any, traditional restaurants use. This includes the reference of lucha libre wrestling artifacts on the restaurant walls and within the themes of the restaurant.

The case has a difficulty level that will challenge senior-level marketing students, or graduate students, to develop a strategic marketing plan that will unite and identify the various business units. The case may serve as an individual or team project. Independent research is highly recommended and a minimum of two weeks is recommended prep time for students to develop and refine their ideas.

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JournalFaculty Publications
StatePublished - Aug 1 2017

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