Rugged & Exciting: Examining the Personality of a Mixed Martial Arts Brand

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The purpose of this study was two-­‐fold: (a) to iden4fy the brand personality associated with a mixed mar4al arts (MMA) brand, and (b) compare perceived brand personality dimensions among different consumer groups. There is a paucity of literature that assesses brand personality and MMA. This study was the first to apply the five dimensions of brand personality presented by Aaker (1997) to the Ul4mate Figh4ng Championships brand. In order to compare brand personali4es based on involvement, there must be an understanding of involvement and its concepts as well as the history of the sport. Three hypotheses regarding high and low involved consumers and their perceived brand personali4es are presented and tested. Results revealed Ruggedness and Excitement as the two highest rated dimensions of brand personality. In addi4on, ANOVA results revealed fans and non-­‐fans differed significantly across all five dimensions of brand personality.

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StatePublished - Apr 29 2015

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NameBright Ideas Conference

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