Stereo Photo Series for Estimating Natural Fuels in The Netherlands Volume 3: Veen

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The photo series is a collection of photos and associated field data representing a region of The Netherlands. Volume 3 includes peatland vegetation types located in Northumberland National Park in England. These sites were used to represent those found in The Netherlands since peatlands in the UK are larger and thereby better for the field research. For each vegetation type, sites were sampled with varying fuel loads. The description of the sites consists of a wide-angle site photo, supplemented with field data on the various fuel loads and vegetative layers. The photo series is an important ecological tool to assess landscapes by analyzing both dead and living fuels, and thereby provides real-world data to predict potential wildland fire behavior. The data collected can also be used to evaluate these same areas for animal and insect habitat, among other uses. The field protocols utilized for this study were modified from Stereo Photo Series in the United States authored by Roger Ottmar and Robert Vihnanek. A representative plot layout design may be found on the following page.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2015

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