The theories of Decentralization and local government: Implementation, Implications, and Realities: A global Perspective

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Theories of Decentralization and Local Government brings fresh perspective to the debate and comparative analysis of vertical division of power; i.e. processes of decentralization and relations between central and local (self) governments. The multiple author book is not just one of many similar around the globe, as it encompasses contributions from many different academics from not only different countries, but also different continents and even more importantly, very different political traditions and cultures. This way, the book deepens and strengthens knowledge of the role of local governments in the contemporary world, and brings new value to discussions on the relationship between decentralization and development. Contributors include: Ahmed Mustafa Elhussein Mansour, Hong Pang, Abdulfattah Yaghi, Jose Neftali Recinos, Gariela Miranda-Recinos, Lee Payne, Heather Wyatt Nichol, Ed Gibson, James Newman, Kwame Asamoah, Minerva Cruz, and Alexandra Tsvetkova.Edited by KWAME BADU ANTWI-BOASIAKO and PETER CSANYI

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2014

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