Venetian Cartography and the Globes of the Tommaso Rangone Monument in San Giuliano, Venice

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Highly-specific reliefs of a terrestrial and a celestial globe flank the statue of physician and university professor Tommaso Rangone in his funerary monument on the facade of San Giuliano in Venice (1554-1557, installed c. 1558). The essay is the first to examine the strikingly specific imagery of the globes; it compares them to actual maps and globes, argues that the features of the globes were inspired by contemporary maps and globes owned by Rangone himself, relates the globes to the emergence of globe paris and situates them within the thriving production of maps, atlases and treatises at the time they were made and in the very neighborhood where these cartographic works were produced and sold.

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JournalFaculty Publications
StatePublished - Mar 1 2016

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