Why Diversity Matters in College: Covid Edition

James Morris PhD. MSW, Ronald Rush PhD. LCSW

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The design of the panel discussion will involve 4-8 current SFASU students who are representatives of student organizations on campus with varied perspectives of the student experience here at SFASU. The conversation will begin to address issues found in the literature about diversity at US colleges (Hyman & Jacobs, 2009; http://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/professors-guide/2009/08/12/why-does-diversity-matter-at-college-anyway). It is my hope to integrate the 8 issues found in this article into meaningful ways to address: how the SFASU student experience may or may not address these topics, what types of support are needed moving forward, and any other issues of diversity that are important to students here on campus. The impact of Covid-19 will be addressed. The 8 topics of diversity in college include: Diversity expands worldliness; Diversity enhances social development; Diversity prepares students for future success; Diversity prepares students for work in a global society; Interactions with people different from ourselves increases our knowledge base; Diversity promotes creative thinking; Diversity enhances self-awareness; and, Diversity enriches the multiple perspectives developed through a liberal arts education. These 8 issues will formulate the basis of our panel discussion, with the opportunity to engage students in meaningful ways about their campus, their experiences, and to open a dialogue that may benefit future generations of Lumberjacks.

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StatePublished - Feb 12 2021

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NameDiversity Conference

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